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§ 135‑55.  Membership.

(a)        The membership ofthe Retirement System shall consist of:

(1)        All judges anddistrict attorneys in office on January 1, 1974;

(2)        All persons whobecome judges and district attorneys or reenter service as judges and districtattorneys after January 1, 1974;

(3)        All clerks ofsuperior court in office on January 1, 1975;

(4)        All persons whobecome clerks of superior court or reenter service as clerks of superior courtafter January 1, 1975;

(5)        All public defendersin office on July 1, 2007;

(6)        All persons whobecome public defenders or reenter service as public defenders after July 1,2007;

(7)        The Director ofIndigent Defense Services on July 1, 2008; and

(8)        All persons whobecome the Director of Indigent Defense Services or reenter service as theDirector of Indigent Defense Services after July 1, 2008.

(b)        The membership ofany person in the Retirement System shall cease upon:

(1)        The withdrawal ofhis accumulated contributions after he is no longer a judge, district attorney,public defender, the Director of Indigent Defense Services, or clerk ofsuperior court, or

(2)        His retirement underthe provisions of the Retirement System, or

(3)        His death.  (1973, c. 640, s. 1; 1983(Reg. Sess., 1984), c. 1031, ss. 12, 13; 2005‑276, s. 29.30A(e); 2005‑345,s. 42; 2007‑323, s. 28.21B(e); 2008‑107, s. 26.24(e).)