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State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > North-carolina > Chapter_14 > GS_14-280_1

§ 14‑280.1.  Trespassingon railroad right‑of‑way.

(a)        Offense. – A personcommits the offense of trespassing on railroad right‑of‑way if theperson enters and remains on the railroad right‑of‑way without theconsent of the railroad company or the person operating the railroad or withoutauthority granted pursuant to State or federal law.

(b)        Crossings. –Nothing in this section shall apply to a person crossing the railroad right‑of‑wayat a public or private crossing.

(c)        Legally AbandonedRights‑of‑Way. – This section shall not apply to any right‑of‑waythat has been legally abandoned pursuant to an order of a federal or Stateagency having jurisdiction over the right‑of‑way and is not beingused for railroad services.

(d)        Classification. –Trespassing on railroad right‑of‑way is a Class 3 misdemeanor. (2000‑146,s. 10.)