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Part 21. Historic Hillsborough Commission.

§ 143B‑103.  Historic Hillsborough Commission –creation, powers and duties.

There is hereby recreated the Historic Hillsborough Commission. TheHistoric Hillsborough Commission shall have the following powers:

(1)        In cooperation with the Hillsborough Historical Society, theelected officials of Hillsborough and Orange County, and appropriate publicagencies, to use every legal aid and method to preserve and restore the Town ofHillsborough, and its immediately adjacent area, as a living, functioning,educational, and historical exhibit of North Carolina's early life and times;

(2)        To acquire and to dispose of property, real and personal;to  repair, restore, or otherwise improve such properties; to have prepared ahistory of the town and area; and to write, compile, publish, or sponsor suchhistorical works as may pertain to the town and area; and

(3)        To carry on other programs reasonably related to thesepurposes. (1973, c. 476, s.100.)