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State Codes and Statutes

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Part 23. John Motley Morehead Memorial Commission.

§ 143B‑111.  John Motley Morehead MemorialCommission – creation, powers and duties.

There is hereby recreated the John Motley Morehead Memorial Commission.The John Motley Morehead Memorial Commission shall have the following powers:

(1)        To acquire title to or interests in property, both real andpersonal, and to solicit, collect, and expend funds for the acquisition,restoration, maintenance, and operation of a memorial to John Motley Moreheadin the City of Greensboro; and to carry on other activities, including researchand publications, reasonably related to this purpose;

(2)        To convey, lease, mortgage, and otherwise dispose of realand personal property and interests therein, as well as to accept deeds, billsof sale, and other instruments conveying and investing title in it; and

(3)        To offer such memorial to the State of North Carolina,which  memorial, if accepted by the Department of Cultural Resources andCouncil of State, may be administered as a State historic site subject toexisting covenants and agreements. (1973, c. 476, s. 110.)