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Part 27A. Roanoke IslandCommission.

§ 143B‑131.2.  RoanokeIsland Commission – Purpose, powers, and duties.

(a)        The Commission iscreated to combine various existing entities in the spirit of cooperation for acohesive body to protect, preserve, develop, and interpret the historical andcultural assets of Roanoke Island. The Commission is further created to operateand administer the Elizabeth II State Historic Site and Visitor Center, theElizabeth II, Ice Plant Island, and all other properties under the administrationof the Department of Cultural Resources located on Roanoke Island havinghistorical significance to the State of North Carolina, Dare County, or theTown of Manteo, except as otherwise determined by the Commission.

(b)        The Commissionshall have the following powers and duties:

(1)        To advise theSecretary of Transportation and adopt rules on matters pertaining to,affecting, and encouraging restoration, preservation, and enhancement of theappearance, maintenance, and aesthetic quality of U.S. Highway 64/264 and theU.S. 64/264 Bypass travel corridor on Roanoke Island and the grounds on RoanokeIsland Festival Park.

(2)        To operate theElizabeth II State Historic Site and Visitor Center and the Elizabeth II aspermanent memorials commemorating the Roanoke Voyages, 1584‑1587.

(3)        To supervise thedevelopment of Ice Plant Island and to manage future facilities.

(4)        To advise theSecretary of the Department of Cultural Resources on matters pertinent tohistorical and cultural events on Roanoke Island.

(5)        With the assistanceof the Department of Cultural Resources, to identify, preserve, and protectproperties located on Roanoke Island having historical significance to theState of North Carolina, Dare County, or the Town of Manteo consistent with applicableState laws and rules.

(6)        To establish andcollect a charge for admission to any property or event operated by theCommission.

(7)        To solicit andaccept gifts, grants, and donations.

(8)        To cooperate withthe Secretary and Department of Cultural Resources, the Secretary andDepartment of Transportation, the Secretary and Department of Environment andNatural Resources, and other governmental agencies, officials, and entities,and provide them with assistance and advice.

(9)        To adopt and enforcesuch bylaws, rules, and guidelines that the Commission deems to be reasonablynecessary in order to carry out its powers and duties. Chapter 150B of theGeneral Statutes does not apply to the adoption of rules by the Commission.

(10)      To establish andmaintain a separate fund composed of moneys which may come into its hands fromgifts, donations, grants, or bequests, which funds will be used by theCommission for purposes of carrying out its duties and purposes herein setforth. The Commission may also establish a reserve fund to be maintained andused for contingencies and emergencies. Funds appropriated to the Commissionmay be transferred to the Friends of Elizabeth II, Inc., a private, nonprofitcorporation. The Friends of Elizabeth II, Inc., shall use the funds transferredto it to carry out the purposes of this Part.

(11)      By cooperativearrangement with other agencies, groups, individuals, and other entities, tocoordinate and schedule historical and cultural events on Roanoke Island.

(12)      Make recommendationsto the Secretary of Cultural Resources concerning personnel and budgetarymatters.

(13)      To acquire real andpersonal property by purchase, gift, bequest, devise, and exchange.

(14)      To administer theRoanoke Island Commission Fund and the Roanoke Island Commission Endowment Fundas provided in G.S. 143B‑131.8.

(15)      To procure supplies,services, and property as appropriate and to enter into contracts, leases, orother legal agreements to carry out the purposes of this Part and duties of theCommission. The provisions of G.S. 143‑129 and Article 3 of Chapter 143of the General Statutes do not apply to purchases by the Roanoke IslandCommission of equipment, supplies, and services. (1993 (Reg. Sess., 1994), c.769, s. 12.5(a); 1995, c. 507, s. 12.6(b); 1997‑443, ss. 11A.119(a),30.1; 1998‑212, ss. 21.1(a), 21.1(b); 2006‑259, s. 25.)