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§ 143B‑139.1.  Secretary of Health and HumanServices to adopt rules applicable to local health and human services agencies.

The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services may adoptrules applicable to local health and human services agencies for the purpose ofprogram evaluation, fiscal audits, and collection of third‑partypayments. The Secretary may adopt and enforce rules governing:

(1)        The placement of individuals in licensable facilitieslocated outside the individual's community and ability of the providers toreturn the individual to the individual's community as soon as possible withoutdetriment to the individual or the community.

(2)        The monitoring of mental health, developmental disability,and substance abuse services.

(3)        The communication procedures between the area authority orcounty program, the local department of social services, the local educationauthority, and the criminal justice agency, if involved with the individual,regarding the placement of the individual outside the individual's communityand the transfer of the individual's records in accordance with law.

(4)        The enrollment and revocation of enrollment of Medicaidproviders who have been previously sanctioned by the Department and want toprovide services under this Article. (1975, c. 875, s.45; 1997‑443, s. 11A.101; 2002‑164, s. 4.5.)