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§ 143B‑139.5A.  Collaboration between Divisionof Social Services and Commission of Indian Affairs on Indian Child WelfareIssues.

The Division of Social Services, Department of Health and HumanServices, shall work in collaboration with the Commission of Indian Affairs,Department of Administration, and the North Carolina Directors of SocialServices Association to develop, in a manner consistent with federal law, aneffective process through which the following can be accomplished:

(1)        Establishment of a relationship between the Division ofSocial Services and the Indian tribes set forth in G.S. 143B‑407(a),either separately or through a central entity, that will enable these tribes,in general, and tribal councils or other tribal organizations, in particular,to receive reasonable notice of identified Indian children who are being placedin foster care or adoption or who otherwise enter the child protective servicessystem, and to be consulted on policies and other matters pertinent toplacement of Indian children in foster care or adoption.

(2)        Agreement on a process by which North Carolina Indians mightbe identified and recruited for purposes of becoming foster care and adoptiveparents.

(3)        Agreement on a process by which the cultural, social, andhistorical perspective and significance associated with Indian life may betaught to appropriate child welfare workers and to foster and adoptive parents.

(4)        Identification or formation of Indian child welfareadvocacy, placement and training entities with which the Department of Healthand Human Services might contract or otherwise form partnerships for thepurpose of implementing the provisions of this act.

(5)        Development of a valid and reliable process through whichIndian children within the child welfare system can be identified.

(6)        Identify the appropriate roles of the State and of Indiantribes, organizations and agencies to ensure successful means for securing thebest interests of Indian children. (2001‑309, s.1.)