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§ 143B‑146.2.  ABC's Program in residentialschools.

(a)        The Governor Morehead School and the schools for the deafshall participate in the ABC's Program. The Secretary, in consultation with theGeneral Assembly and the State Board, may designate other residential schoolsthat must participate in the ABC's Program. The primary goal of the ABC'sProgram is to improve student performance. The Program is based upon anaccountability, recognition, assistance, and intervention process in order tohold each participating school, its principal, and the instructional personnelaccountable for improved student performance in that school.

(b)        In order to support the participating schools in theimplementation of this Program, the State Board, in consultation with the Secretary,shall adopt guidelines, including guidelines to:

(1)        Assist the Secretary and the participating schools in thedevelopment and implementation of the ABC's Program.

(2)        Recognize the participating schools that meet or exceedtheir goals.

(3)        Identify participating schools that are low‑performingand assign assistance teams to those schools. The assistance teams shouldinclude individuals with expertise in residential schools, individuals withexperience in the education of children with disabilities, and others the StateBoard, in consultation with the Secretary, considers appropriate.

(4)        Enable assistance teams to make appropriate recommendations.

(c)        The ABC's Program shall provide increased decision makingand parental involvement at the school level with the goal of improving studentperformance.

(d)        Consistent with improving student performance, the Secretaryshall provide maximum flexibility to participating schools in the use of fundsto enable those schools to accomplish their goals. (1998‑131, s. 5; 2001‑424, s. 21.81(c); 2005‑195, s.2.)