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§ 143B‑146.4.  Performance recognition.

(a)        The personnel in participating schools that achieve a levelof expected growth greater than one hundred percent (100%) at a level to bedetermined by the State Board of Education are eligible for financial awards inamounts set by the State Board. Schools and personnel shall not be required toapply for these awards. For the purpose of this section, "personnel"includes the principal and the instructional personnel (i) serving students inone or more of the grades kindergarten through 12 or (ii) assigned to aprekindergarten program that is located within the participating school and isdesigned to prepare students for kindergarten at that school.

(b)        The State Board shall establish a procedure to allocate thefunds for these awards. Funds shall become available for expenditure July 1 ofeach fiscal year. Funds shall remain available until November 30 of thesubsequent fiscal year for expenditure for awards to personnel.

The Secretary is encouraged to make these awards to each eligibleperson no later than the first regular teacher payroll following receipt of thefunds, and shall make these awards to each eligible person no later than thesecond regular teacher payroll following the receipt of the funds. (1998‑131, s. 5; 2005‑195, s. 3.)