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§ 143B‑146.9.  Assessment teams.

The State Board shall develop guidelines for the Secretary to use tocreate assessment teams. The Secretary shall assign an assessment team to everylow‑performing school that has not received an assistance team. TheSecretary shall ensure that assessment team members are trained in the properadministration of the employee evaluation used in the participating schools. Ifservice on an assessment team is an additional duty for an employee of a localschool administrative unit or an employee of a residential school, theSecretary may pay the employee for that additional work.

Assessment teams shall:

(1)        Conduct evaluations of certificated personnel in low‑performingschools;

(2)        Provide technical assistance and training to principals whoconduct evaluations of certificated personnel;

(3)        Develop action plans for certificated personnel; and

(4)        Assist principals in the development and implementation ofaction plans. (1998‑131, s. 5;2005‑195, s. 7.)