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§ 143B‑152.13.  Grants review and selection.

(a)        The Department shall develop and disseminate a request forapplications and establish procedures to be followed in developing andsubmitting applications to establish local family resource centers and administeringgrants to establish local family resource centers.

(b)        The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall appoint aState task force to assist the Secretary in reviewing grant applications. TheState task force shall include representatives of the Department of Health andHuman Services, the Department of Public Instruction, local schooladministrative units, educators, parents, the juvenile justice system, socialservices, and governmental agencies providing services to children, and othermembers the Secretary considers appropriate. In appointing the State taskforce, the Secretary shall consult with the Superintendent of PublicInstruction in an effort to coordinate the membership of this State task force,the State task force appointed by the Secretary pursuant to G.S. 143B‑152.5,and the State task force appointed by the Superintendent pursuant to G.S. 115C‑238.42.

In reviewing grant applications, the Secretary and the State task forcemay consider (i) the severity of the local problems as determined by the needsassessment data, (ii) the likelihood that the locally designed plan will resultin high quality services for children and their families, (iii) evidence oflocal collaboration and coordination of services, (iv) any innovative orexperimental aspects of the plan that will make it a useful model forreplication in other counties, (v) the availability of other resources orfunds, (vi) the incidence of crime and juvenile delinquency, (vii) the amountneeded to implement the proposal, and (viii) any other factors consistent withthe intent of this Part.

(c)        In determining the amount of funds an applicant receives,the Secretary and the State task force may consider (i) the number of childrento be served, (ii) the number and percentage of children to be served whoparticipate in the subsidized lunch program, (iii) the number and percentage ofschool‑aged children to be served with two working parents or one singleparent, (iv) the availability of other resources or funds, and (v) the amountneeded to implement the proposal.

(d)        The Secretary shall award the grants. (1994, Ex. Sess., c. 24, s. 31(a); 1997‑443, s.11A.118(a).)