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§ 143B‑168.3. Child Care Commission – powers and duties.

(a)        The Child Day‑Care Licensing Commission of theDepartment of Administration is transferred, recodified, and renamed the ChildCare Commission of the Department of Health and Human Services with the powerand duty to adopt rules to be followed in the licensing and operation of childcare facilities as provided by Article 7 of Chapter 110 of the GeneralStatutes.

(a1)      The Child Care Commission shall adopt rules:

(1)        For the issuance of licenses to any child care facility; and

(2)        To adopt rules as provided by Article 7 of Chapter 110 ofthe General Statutes of the State of North Carolina, and to establish standardsfor enhanced program licenses, as authorized by G.S. 110‑88(7).

(b)        The Commission shall adopt rules consistent with theprovisions of this Chapter. All rules not inconsistent with the provisions ofthis Chapter heretofore adopted by the Child Day‑Care LicensingCommission shall remain in full force and effect unless and until repealed or supersededby action of the Child Care Commission. All rules and regulations adopted bythe Commission shall be enforced by the Department of Health and HumanServices. (1985, c. 757, s.155(a); 1987, c. 788, ss. 25, 26; 1997‑443, s. 11A.118(a); 1997‑456,s. 27; 1997‑506, s. 56.)