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§ 143B‑181.1A.  Plan forserving older adults; inventory of existing data; cooperation by Stateagencies.

(a)        The Division ofAging, Department of Health and Human Services shall submit a regularly updatedplan to the General Assembly by March 1 of every other odd‑numbered year,beginning March 1, 1995. This plan shall include:

(1)        A detailed analysisof the needs of older adults in North Carolina, based on existing availabledata, including demographic, geographic, health, social, economical, and otherpertinent indicators;

(2)        A clear statement ofthe goals of the State's long‑term public policy on aging;

(3)        An analysis ofservices currently provided and an analysis of additional services needed; and

(4)        Specificimplementation recommendations on expansion and funding of current andadditional services and services levels.

(b)        The Division ofAging, Department of Health and Human Services, shall maintain an inventory ofexisting data sets regarding the elderly in North Carolina, in order to ensurethat adequate demographic, geographic, health, social, economic, and otherpertinent indicators are available to generate its regularly updated Plan forServing Older Adults.

Upon request, the Divisionshall make information on these data sets available within a reasonable time.

All State agencies andentities that possess data relating to the elderly, including the Department ofHealth and Human Services' Division of Health Services, the Division of HealthService Regulation, and the Division of Social Services, and the Department ofAdministration, shall cooperate, upon request, with the Division of Aging inimplementing this subsection. (1989, c. 52, s. 1; c. 695, s. 1; 1995, c. 253, s. 1;1997‑443, s. 11A.118(a); 2007‑182, s. 1.)