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Part 14A. Policy Act for the Aging.

§ 143B‑181.3.  Statement of principles.

To utilize effectively the resources of our State, to provide a betterquality of life for our senior citizens, and to assure older adults the rightof choosing where and how they want to live, the following principles arehereby endorsed:

(1)        Older people should be able to live as normal a life aspossible.

(2)        Older adults should have a choice of life styles which willallow them to remain contributing members of society for as long as possible.

(3)        Preventive and primary health care are necessary to keepolder adults active and contributing members of society.

(4)        Appropriate training in gerontology and geriatrics shouldbe  developed for individuals serving older adults.

(5)        Transportation to meet daily needs and to make accessible abroad range of services should be provided so that older persons may realizetheir full potential.

(6)        Services for older adults should be coordinated so that alltheir needs can be served efficiently and effectively.

(7)        Information on all services for older citizens and advocacyfor these services should be available in each county.

(8)        Increased employment opportunities for older adults shouldbe made available.

(9)        Options in housing should be made available.

(10)      Planning for programs for older citizens should always bedone in consultation with them.

(11)      The State should aid older people to help themselves andshould encourage families in caring for their older members. (1979, c. 983, s. 1.)