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Part 14B. Long‑Term Care.

§ 143B‑181.5.  Long‑term care policy.

The North Carolina General Assembly finds that the aging of thepopulation and advanced medical technology have resulted in a growing number ofpersons who require assistance.  The primary resource for long‑term careprovision continues to be the family and friends. However, these traditionalcaregivers are increasingly employed outside the home.  There is growing demandfor improvement and expansion of home and community‑based long‑termcare services to support and complement the services provided by these informalcaregivers.

The North Carolina General Assembly further finds that the publicinterest would best be served by a broad array of long‑term care servicesthat support persons who need such services in the home or in the communitywhenever practicable and that promote individual autonomy, dignity, and choice.

The North Carolina General Assembly finds that as other long‑termcare options become more available, the relative need for institutional carewill stabilize or decline relative to the growing aging population.  TheGeneral Assembly recognizes, however, that institutional care will continue tobe a critical part of the State's long‑term care options and that suchservices should promote individual dignity, autonomy, and a home‑likeenvironment. (1981, c. 675, s.1; 1995 (Reg. Sess., 1996), c. 583, s. 2.)