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§ 143B‑262.3.  Reportsto the General Assembly.

(a)        The Department ofCorrection shall report by March 1 of each year to the Chairs of the Senate andHouse Appropriations Committees and the Chairs of the Senate and HouseAppropriations Subcommittees in Justice and Public Safety on their efforts toprovide effective treatment to offenders with substance abuse problems. Thereport shall include:

(1)        Details of any newinitiatives and expansions or reduction of programs;

(2)        Details on anytreatment efforts conducted in conjunction with other departments;

(3)        Utilization of theDART/DWI program;

(4),       (5) Repealed bySession Laws 2007‑323, s. 17.3(a), effective July 1, 2007.

(6)        Statisticalinformation on the number of current inmates with substance abuse problems thatrequire treatment, the number of treatment slots, the number who have completedtreatment, and a comparison of available treatment slots to actual utilizationrates. The report shall include this information for each DOC funded program;and

(7)        Evaluation of eachsubstance abuse treatment program funded by the Department of Correction.Evaluation measures shall include reduction in alcohol and drug dependency,improvements in disciplinary and infraction rates, recidivism (defined asreturn‑to‑prison rates), and other measures of the programs'success.

(b)        Repealed by SessionLaws 2007‑323, s. 17.3(a), effective July 1, 2007. (1998‑212, s. 17.12(d);2003‑284, s. 16.19; 2007‑323, s. 17.3(a).)