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§ 143B‑262.5.  SecurityStaffing.

(a)        The Department ofCorrection shall conduct:

(1)        On‑sitepostaudits of every prison at least once every three years;

(2)        Regular audits ofpostaudit charts through the automated postaudit system; and

(3)        Other staffing auditsas necessary.

(b)        The Department ofCorrection shall update the security staffing relief formula at least everythree years. Each update shall include a review of all annual trainingrequirements for security staff to determine which of these requirements shouldbe mandatory and the appropriate frequency of the training. The Departmentshall survey other states to determine which states use a vacancy factor intheir staffing relief formulas. (2002‑126, s. 17.5(a), (b); 2005‑276, s.17.4(a).)