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§ 143B‑273.1. Legislative policy.

The policy of the General Assembly with respect to the State‑countycriminal justice partnership is:

(1)        To support the implementation of the recommendations of theNorth Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission by providingsupplemental community‑based corrections programs which appropriatelypunish criminal behavior and which provide effective rehabilitative services;

(2)        To expand sentencing options by adding community‑basedcorrections programs for offenders receiving a nonincarcerative sentence;

(3)        To promote coordination between State and county community‑basedcorrections programs; and

(4)        To improve public confidence in the criminal justice systemby educating the public on the role of community‑based correctionsprograms. (1993, c. 534;1994, Ex. Sess., c. 24, s. 14(d).)