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§ 143B‑273.15.  Fundingformula.

(a)        To determine thegrant amount for which a county or counties may apply, the granting authorityshall apply the following formula:

(1)        Twenty‑fivepercent (25%) based on a fixed equal dollar amount for each county;

(2)        Fifty percent (50%)based on the county share of the State population; and

(3)        Twenty‑fivepercent (25%) based on the intermediate punishment entry rate for the county,using the total of the three most recent years of data available divided by theaverage county population for that same period.

The sum of the amounts insubdivisions (1), (2), and (3) is the total amount of the funding that a countymay apply for under this subsection.

Grants to participatingcounties are for a period of one fiscal year with unobligated funds beingreturned to the Account at the end of the grant period. Funds are provided toparticipating counties on a reimbursement basis unless a county documents aneed for an advance of grant funds. The data used for this funding formula shallbe updated at least once every three years.

(b)        Each year that theDepartment of Correction updates the data for the funding formula pursuant tosubsection (a) of this section, the Department of Correction shall send awritten notification by January 15 to each program participating in the State‑CountyCriminal Justice Partnership of the amount of the grant that the program willreceive pursuant to the revised formula for the fiscal year beginning July 1 ofthat year subject to funds being appropriated by the General Assembly.  (1993, c. 534, s. 1; 1995,c. 324, s. 19; 2001‑424, s. 25.16(a); 2005‑276, s. 17.23(g); 2008‑107,s. 17.7(a).)