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§ 143B‑273.4.  Eligiblepopulation.

(a)        An eligibleoffender is an adult offender who was convicted of a misdemeanor or a felonyoffense and:

(1)        Received anonincarcerative sentence of a community punishment, if the Division ofCommunity Corrections determines that the offender would benefit from programparticipation, based upon the results of a risk assessment;

(2)        Received anonincarcerative sentence of an intermediate punishment; or

(3)        Is serving a term ofparole or post‑release supervision after serving an active sentence ofimprisonment.

(b)        The prioritypopulations for programs funded under this Article shall be offenders sentencedto intermediate punishments.  (1993, c. 534, s. 1; 1997‑443, s. 19.8(b); 2005‑276,s. 17.23(f); 2009‑349, s. 1.)