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§ 143B‑279.15.  Reporton One‑Stop Permitting Program and Express Permitting Program.

No later than 1 March of eachyear, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources shall report to theFiscal Research Division of the General Assembly and the Environmental ReviewCommission on the One‑Stop for Certain Environmental Permits Programestablished by G.S. 143B‑279.12 and the Express Permit and CertificationReviews Program established by G.S. 143B‑279.13. The report shallinclude:

(1)        The number of environmentalpermits subject to G.S. 143B‑279.12 that took more than 90 days to issueor deny, the types of permits those were, the reasons for the extendedprocessing time of those permits, and how the time within which the permit wasactually issued or denied compared with the projected time frame provided tothe applicant by the Department as provided by G.S. 143B‑279.12. Based onthe data gathered in this subdivision, the Department shall includerecommendations regarding permit time frames for all major permits issued bythe Department.

(2)        Findings on thesuccess of the Express Permit and Certification Reviews program established byG.S. 143B‑279.13 and any other findings or recommendations, including anylegislative proposals that it deems pertinent.  (2008‑198, s. 10.3.)