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§ 143B‑279.2. Department of Environment and Natural Resources – duties.

It shall be the duty of theDepartment:

(1)        To provide for theprotection of the environment;

(1a)      To administer theState Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Task Force and coordinate Stateparticipation activities in the federal outer continental shelf resourcerecovery programs as provided under the OCS Lands Act Amendments of 1978 (43USC §§ 1801 et seq.) and the OCS Lands Act Amendments of 1986 (43 USC §§ 1331et seq.).

(1b)      To provide for theprotection of the environment and public health through the regulation of solidwaste and hazardous waste management and the administration of environmentalhealth programs.

(2)        Repealed by SessionLaws 1997‑443, s. 11A.5, effective August 28, 1997.

(2a)      To provide and keep amuseum or collection of the natural history of the State and to maintain theNorth Carolina Biological Survey; and

(3)        To provide for themanagement of the State's natural resources.

(4)        No later thanFebruary 1 of each odd‑numbered year, to review all fees charged underany program under its authority to determine whether any of these fees shouldbe changed and submit a report to the House and Senate AppropriationsSubcommittees on Natural and Economic Resources and the Fiscal ResearchDivision that includes all of the following:

a.         The most recentBiennial Fee Report submitted by the Department to the Office of State Budgetand Management.

b.         A list of each feecharged under any program under the Department's authority that, for each fee,identifies the program, if any, and the division of the Department, if any,that is supported by the fee; the total expenditures for each program supportedby fees; an evaluation of any inflationary change since the last change to theamount of the fee; and any other information deemed relevant to this review.

c.         The Department'sfindings resulting from its review under this subdivision and anyrecommendations to increase or decrease any of these fees.  (1989, c. 727, s. 3; 1993,c. 321, s. 28(c); c. 561, s. 116(e); 1997‑443, s. 11A.5; 2009‑451,s. 13.1A.)