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§ 143B‑285.23.  Powers and duties of theSecretary of Environment and Natural Resources.

The Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources shall:

(1)        Establish an Office of Environmental Education to:

a.         Serve as a clearinghouse of environmental information forthe State.

b.         Plan for the Department's future needs for environmentaleducation materials and programs.

c.         Maintain a computerized database of existing educationmaterials and programs within the Department.

d.         Maintain a speaker's bureau of environmental specialists toaddress environmental concerns and issues in communities across the State.

e.         Evaluate opportunities for establishing regionalenvironmental education centers.

f.          Administer the Project Tomorrow Award Program to encourageschool children to discover and explore ways to protect the environment.

g.         Assist the Department of Public Instruction in integratingenvironmental education into course curricula.

h.         Develop and implement a grants and award program forenvironmental education projects in schools and communities.

(2)        Coordinate, through technical assistance and staff supportand with participation of the Department of Public Instruction and otherrelevant agencies, institutions, and citizens, the planning and implementationof a statewide program of environmental education.

(3)        Be responsible for such matters as the purchase ofeducational equipment, materials, and supplies; the construction ormodification of facilities; and the employment of consultants and otherpersonnel necessary to carry out the provisions of this Part.

(4)        Encourage coordination between the various State and federalagencies, citizens groups, and the business and industrial community, in thedissemination of environmental information and education.

(5)        Utilize existing programs, educational materials, orfacilities, both public and private, wherever feasible. (1993, c. 501, s. 28; 1997‑443, s. 11A.119(a).)