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§ 143B‑289.44.  North Carolina Aquariums; fees;fund.

(a)        Fees. – The Secretary of Environment and Natural Resourcesmay adopt a schedule of uniform entrance fees for the North Carolina Aquariums.

(b)        Fund. – The North Carolina Aquariums Fund is hereby createdas a special and nonreverting fund. The North Carolina Aquariums Fund shall beused for repair, renovation, expansion, maintenance, educational exhibitconstruction, and operational expenses at existing aquariums, to pay the debtservice and lease payments related to the financing of expansions of aquariums,including other relevant satellite areas, and to match private funds that areraised for these purposes.

(c)        Disposition of Fees. – All entrance fee receipts shall becredited to the North Carolina Aquariums Fund.

(d)        The Division of North Carolina Aquariums shall submit to theJoint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations, the House and SenateAppropriations Subcommittees on Natural and Economic Resources, and the FiscalResearch Division by September 30 of each year a report on the North CarolinaAquariums Fund that shall include the source and amounts of all funds creditedto the Fund and the purpose and amount of all expenditures from the Fund duringthe prior fiscal year. (1997‑286, s. 5;1997‑400, s. 6.3(b); 1997‑443, s. 11A.119(b); 1999‑49, s. 2;2002‑159, s. 46; 2005‑276, s. 12.10.)