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§ 143B‑289.57. Marine Fisheries Commission Advisory Committees established; members;selection; duties.

(a)        The Commission shall be assisted in the performance of itsduties by four standing advisory committees and four regional advisorycommittees. Each standing and regional advisory committee shall consist of nomore than 11 members. The Chair of the Commission shall designate one member ofeach advisory committee to serve as Chair of the committee. Members shall servestaggered three‑year terms as determined by the Commission. TheCommission shall establish other policies and procedures for standing andregional advisory committees that are consistent with those governing theCommission as set out in this Part.

(b)        The Chair of the Commission shall appoint the followingstanding advisory committees:

(1)        The Finfish Committee, which shall consider mattersconcerning finfish.

(2)        The Crustacean Committee, which shall consider mattersconcerning shrimp and crabs.

(3)        The Shellfish Committee, which shall consider mattersconcerning oysters, clams, scallops, and other molluscan shellfish.

(4)        The Habitat and Water Quality Committee, which shallconsider matters concerning habitat and water quality that may affect coastalfisheries resources.

(c)        Each standing advisory committee shall be composed ofcommercial and recreational fishermen, scientists, and other persons who haveexpertise in the matters to be considered by the advisory committee to whichthey are appointed. In making appointments to advisory committees, the Chair ofthe Commission shall ensure that both commercial and recreational fishinginterests are fairly represented and shall consider for appointment persons whoare recommended by groups representing commercial fishing interests,recreational fishing interests, environmental protection and conservationinterests, and other groups interested in coastal fisheries management.

(d)        Each standing advisory committee shall review all mattersreferred to the committee by the Commission and shall make findings andrecommendations on these matters. A standing advisory committee may, on its ownmotion, make findings and recommendations as to any matter related to itssubject area. The Commission, in the performance of its duties, shall considerall findings and recommendations submitted by standing advisory committees.

(e)        The Chair of the Commission shall appoint a regionaladvisory committee for each of the three coastal regions designated in G.S.143B‑289.54(b) and shall appoint a regional advisory committee for thatpart of the State that is not included in the three coastal regions. In makingappointments to regional advisory committees, the Chair of the Commission shallensure that both commercial and recreational fishing interests are fairlyrepresented. (1997‑400, s.2.1.)