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Part 13A.  North Carolina Parks and RecreationAuthority.

§ 143B‑313.1.  North Carolina Parks andRecreation Authority; creation; powers and duties.

The North Carolina Parks and Recreation Authority is created, to beadministered by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The NorthCarolina Parks and Recreation Authority shall have at least the followingpowers and duties:

(1)        To receive public and private donations, appropriations,grants, and revenues for deposit into the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund.

(2)        To allocate funds for land acquisition from the Parks andRecreation Trust Fund.

(3)        To allocate funds for repairs, renovations, improvements,construction, and other capital projects from the Parks and Recreation TrustFund.

(4)        To solicit financial and material support from public andprivate sources.

(5)        To develop effective public and private support for theprograms and operations of the parks and recreation areas.

(6)        To consider and to advise the Secretary of Environment andNatural Resources on any matter the Secretary may refer to the North CarolinaParks and Recreation Authority. (1995, c. 456, s. 1; 1997‑443, s. 11A.119(a).)