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§ 143B‑324.2. North Carolina National Park, Parkway and Forests Development Council –members; selection; officers; removal; compensation; quorum; services.

The North Carolina National Park, Parkway and Forests DevelopmentCouncil within the Department of Environment and Natural Resources shallconsist of seven members appointed by the Governor. The composition of theCouncil shall be as follows: one member shall be a resident of Buncombe County,one member a resident of Haywood County, one member a resident of JacksonCounty, one member a resident of Swain County, three members residents ofcounties adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Great Smoky Mountains NationalPark or the Pisgah or Nantahala national forests. The appointment of membersshall be for terms of four years, or until their successors are appointed andqualify. Any appointment to fill a vacancy on the Council created by theresignation, dismissal, death or disability of a member shall be for thebalance of the unexpired term.

The Council shall elect a chairman, a vice‑chairman and asecretary. The chairman and the vice‑chairman shall all be members of theCouncil, but the secretary need not be a member of the Council. These officersshall perform the duties usually pertaining to such offices and when electedshall serve for a period of one year, but may be reelected. In case ofvacancies by resignation or death, the office shall be filled by the Councilfor the unexpired term of said officer.

The Governor shall have the power to remove any member of the Councilfrom office in accordance with the provisions of G.S. 143B‑16 of theExecutive Organization Act of 1973.

Members of the Council shall receive per diem and necessary travel andsubsistence expenses in accordance with the provisions of G.S. 138‑5 andG.S. 143B‑15 of the Executive Organization Act of 1973.

Five members of the Council shall constitute a quorum for thetransaction of business. (1973, c. 1262, s. 67; 1977, c. 198, ss. 5, 26; 1997‑443, ss.11A.123, 15.36(b), (d).)