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State Codes and Statutes

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Part 9. North Carolina Rail Council.

§ 143B‑361.  Findings.

The General Assembly finds that:

(1)        The rail system in North Carolina is an irreplaceabletransportation resource;

(2)        The promotion and preservation of railroads operating withinNorth Carolina as transportation resources and economic development tools isvital to the State's economy, and the continued economic viability of railroadsis a necessary part of the free enterprise system;

(3)        A healthy rail system is vital to a competitive State economy,and railroads must be allowed, through effective public policy, to competefairly in the transportation marketplace and to provide those transportationservices for which rail is suitable;

(4)        The preservation of rail corridors, through branch line rehabilitationand State acquisition of strategic corridors, is in the public interest and isan integral and necessary part of a balanced transportation system; and

(5)        As the owner of the majority interest in the North CarolinaRailroad Company, the State has a vested interest in the preservation,development, and well‑being of the North Carolina Railroad. (1993, c. 483, s. 1.)