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§ 143B‑411.2. North Carolina Advisory Council on the Eastern Band of the Cherokee – purposeor creation; powers and duties.

The purpose of the Council is to study on a continuing basis therelationship between the Eastern Band of the Cherokee and the State of NorthCarolina in order to resolve any matters of concern to the State or the Tribe.It shall be the duty of the Council:

(1)        Identify existing and potential conflicts between the Stateof  North Carolina and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians;

(2)        Propose State and federal legislation and agreements betweenthe State of North Carolina and the Cherokee Tribe to resolve existing andpotential conflicts;

(3)        To study and make recommendations concerning any issuereferred to the Council by any official of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee,the State of North Carolina, or the government of Haywood, Jackson, Swain,Graham, or Cherokee Counties.

(4)        Study other issues of mutual concern to the Eastern Band ofthe Cherokee;

(5)        Make a report with recommendations as needed, but not lessoften than biannually to the Governor, the Chief of the Eastern Band of theCherokee, the General Assembly, and the Tribal Council of the Eastern Band ofthe Cherokee. (1983 (Reg. Sess.,1984), c. 1085, s. 1.)