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Part 19A. Selective Service Registration.

§ 143B‑421.1.  Selective Service registration.

(a)        A person who is required under 50 United States Code Appx. §453 (Military Selective Service Act) to present himself for and submit toregistration and fails to do so in accordance with any proclamation or any ruleor regulation issued under this section, shall be ineligible for:

(1)        Employment by or service for the State, or a politicalsubdivision of the State, including all boards and commissions, departments, agencies,institutions, and instrumentalities.

(2)        State‑supported scholarships, programs for financialassistance for postsecondary education, or loans insured by any State agency,including educational assistance authorized under Article 23 of Chapter 116 ofthe General Statutes.

(b)        It shall be the duty of all persons or officials havingcharge of and authority over either the hiring of employees or granting ofeducational assistance, as described in this section, to adopt rules andregulations which shall require applicants to indicate on a form whether theyare in compliance with the registration requirements described in subsection(a).  Rules and regulations issued under the authority of this section shallprovide that an applicant be given not less than 30 days after notification ofa proposed finding of ineligibility for employment or benefits to provide theissuing official with information that he is in compliance with theregistration requirements described in subsection (a).  The issuing official mayafford such person an opportunity for a hearing to establish his compliance orfor any other purpose.

(c)        A person may not be denied a right, privilege, or benefitunder State law by reason of failure to present himself for and submit toregistration under 50 U.S.C.S. Appx. § 453 if:

(1)        The requirement for the person to so register has terminatedor become inapplicable to the person; and

(2)        The person shows by a preponderance of the evidence that thefailure of the person to register was not a knowing and willful failure toregister. (1989, c. 618.)