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§ 143B‑426.38. Organization and operation of office.

(a)        The State Controller may appoint a Chief Deputy StateController. The salary of the Chief Deputy State Controller shall be set by theState Controller.

(b)        The State Controller may appoint all employees necessary tocarry out his powers and duties. These employees shall be subject to the StatePersonnel Act.

(c)        All employees of the office shall be under the supervision,direction, and control of the State Controller. Except as otherwise provided bythis Part, the State Controller may assign any function vested in him or hisoffice to any subordinate officer or employee of the office.

(d)        The State Controller may, subject to the provisions of G.S.147‑ 64.7(b)(2), obtain the services of independent public accountants,qualified management consultants, and other professional persons or experts tocarry out his powers and duties.

(e)        The State Controller shall have legal custody of all books,papers, documents, and other records of the office.

(f)         The State Controller shall be responsible for thepreparation of and the presentation of the office budget request, including allfunds requested and all receipts expected for all elements of the budget.

(g)        The State Controller may adopt regulations for the administrationof the office, the conduct of employees of the office, the distribution andperformance of business, the performance of the functions assigned to the StateController and the office of the State Controller, and the custody, use, andpreservation of the records, documents, and property pertaining to the businessof the office. (1985 (Reg. Sess.,1986), c. 1024, s. 1.)