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§ 143B‑434.2. Travel and Tourism Policy Act.

(a)        This section shall be known as the Travel and Tourism PolicyAct.

(b)        The General Assembly of North Carolina finds that:

(1)        The State of North Carolina is endowed with great scenicbeauty, historical sites, and cultural resources, and with a population whoseethnic diversity and traditions are attractive to visitors.

(2)        These resources should be preserved and nurtured, not onlybecause they are appreciated by other Americans and by visitors from other lands,but because they are valued by the State's own residents.

(3)        Tourism provides economic well‑being by contributingto employment and economic development, generating State revenues and receiptsfor local businesses, and increasing international trade.

(4)        Tourism is an educational and informational medium forpersonal growth which informs residents about their State's geography andhistory, their political institutions, their cultural resources, and theirenvironment, and about each other.

(5)        Tourism instills State pride and a sense of common interestamong the people of the State.

(6)        Tourism enhances the quality of life and well‑being ofthe State's residents by affording recreation, new experiences, andopportunities for relief from job stress.

(7)        Tourism promotes international understanding and goodwill,and contributes to intercultural appreciation.

(8)        Tourism engenders appreciation of the State's cultural,architectural, technological, and industrial achievements.

(9)        The development and promotion of tourism to and within theState is in the interest of the people of North Carolina.

(10)      Tourism should develop in an orderly manner in order toprovide the maximum benefit to the State and its residents.

(11)      A comprehensive tourism policy is essential if tourism is togrow in an orderly way.

(c)        The policy of the State of North Carolina is to:

(1)        Encourage the orderly growth and development of travel andtourism to and within the State.

(2)        Promote the State's travel and tourism resources to the residentsof the State, and to potential visitors from other states and other countries.

(3)        Instill a sense of history in the State's young people byencouraging family visits to State historic sites, and by promoting thepreservation and restoration of historic sites, trails, buildings, anddistricts.

(4)        Promote the mental, emotional, and physical well‑beingof the people of North Carolina by encouraging outdoor recreational activitieswithin the State.

(5)        Strengthen a sense of common interest among the residents ofthe State by encouraging them to visit each other's communities and discovereach other's traditions and ways of life.

(6)        Increase national and international awareness of the State'scultural contributions by encouraging attendance at orchestral, operatic,dramatic, and other productions by artistic groups performing in the State.

(7)        Cultivate the State's commercial interests by encouraginglocal and county fairs so that visitors may learn about local products andcrafts.

(8)        Encourage the talents and strengthen the economicindependence of State residents by encouraging the preservation of traditionalcraft skills; the production of handicrafts and folk art by private artisansand craftspeople; and the holding of craft demonstrations.

(9)        Provide visitors to the State with a hospitable reception.

(10)      Develop and maintain a statewide tourism data base.

(11)      Encourage the protection of wildlife and natural resourcesand the preservation of geological, archaeological, and cultural treasures intourist areas.

(12)      Encourage, assist, and coordinate, where possible, thetourism activities of local and area promotional organizations.

(13)      Ensure that the tourism interest of the State is fullyconsidered by State agencies and the General Assembly in their deliberations;and coordinate, to the maximum extent possible, all State activities in supportof tourism with the needs of the general public, the political subdivisions ofthe State, and the tourism industry.

(d)        The Department of Commerce, and the Division of Tourism,Film, and Sports Development within that Department, shall implement thepolicies set forth in this section. The Division of Tourism, Film, and SportsDevelopment shall make an annual report to the General Assembly regarding thestatus of the travel and tourism industry in North Carolina; the report shallbe submitted to the General Assembly by January 15 of each year beginningJanuary 15, 1992. The duties and responsibilities of the Department of Commercethrough the Division of Tourism, Film, and Sports Development shall be to:

(1)        Organize and coordinate programs designed to promote tourismwithin the State and to the State from other states and foreign countries.

(2)        Measure and forecast tourist volume, receipts, and impact,both social and economic.

(3)        Develop a comprehensive plan to promote tourism to theState.

(4)        Encourage the development of the State's tourisminfrastructure, facilities, services, and attractions.

(5)        Cooperate with neighboring states and the federal governmentto promote tourism to the State from other countries.

(6)        Develop opportunities for professional education andtraining in the tourism industry.

(7)        Provide advice and technical assistance to local public andprivate tourism organizations in promoting tourism to the State.

(8)        Encourage cooperation between State agencies and privateindividuals and organizations to advance the State's tourist interests and seekthe views of these agencies and the private sector in the development of Statetourism programs and policies.

(9)        Give leadership to all concerned with tourism in the State.

(10)      Perform other functions necessary to the orderly growth anddevelopment of tourism.

(11)      Develop informational materials for visitors which, amongother things, shall:

a.         Describe the State's travel and tourism resources and theState's history, economy, political institutions, cultural resources, outdoorrecreational facilities, and principal festivals.

b.         Urge visitors to protect endangered species, naturalresources, archaeological artifacts, and cultural treasures.

c.         Instill the ethic of stewardship of the State's naturalresources.

(12)      Foster an understanding among State residents and civilservants of the economic importance of hospitality and tourism to the State.

(13)      Work with local businesses, including banks and hotels, witheducational institutions, and with the United States Travel and TourismAdministration, to provide special services for international visitors, such ascurrency exchange facilities.

(14)      Encourage the reduction of architectural and other barrierswhich impede travel by physically handicapped persons. (1991, c. 144, ss. 1‑4; 1991 (Reg. Sess., 1992),c. 959, s. 85; 2000‑140, s. 79(b).)