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§ 143B‑437.101. (Effective July 1, 2010)  North Carolina Certified Retirement Community Program– administration.

(a)        Administration andSupport. – Upon being certified as a North Carolina certified retirementcommunity, the 21st Century Communities program shall provide the followingassistance to the community:

(1)        Assistance in thetraining of local Program staff and volunteers.

(2)        Ongoing oversightand guidance in marketing and updating on national retirement trends.

(3)        Inclusion in theState's national advertising and public relations campaigns and travel showpromotions, including a prominent feature on the Department's Web site.

(4)        Eligibility forState financial assistance for brochures, support material, and advertising.

(5)        An annual evaluationand progress assessment on maintaining and improving the community'sdesirability as a home for retirees.

(b)        Expiration. – Acommunity's certification under this section expires on the fifth anniversaryof the date the initial certification is issued. To be considered forrecertification by the 21st Century Communities program, an applicant communityshall submit the following:

(1)        A completed newapplication in accordance with the requirements of this Part.

(2)        Data demonstratingthe success or failure of the community's efforts to market and promote itselfas a desirable location for retirees and potential retirees.

(3)        The fee required byG.S. 143B‑437.100(d)(4).  (2008‑188, s. 1.)