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Part2F. e‑NC Initiative.

(Thispart has a delayed repeal date. See notes.)

§ 143B‑437.44.  (This part has a delayed repealdate. See notes.) Legislative findings.

The General Assembly finds that:

(1)        The North Carolina Rural Internet Advisory Authority (RIAA)was created by the General Assembly in S.L. 2000‑149 and, in largemeasure, successfully accomplished the goals set forth for the RIAA and thendissolved as required by law.

(2)        An organized effort must continue to ensure that thecitizens of North Carolina keep pace with the ever faster technological changesin telecommunications and information networks in order to assure the economiccompetitiveness of North Carolina with special focus on rural and urbandistressed areas.

(3)        Affordable, high‑speed Internet access is a keycompetitive factor for economic development and quality of life in the NewEconomy of the global marketplace.

(4)        High‑speed Internet access and the broadbandapplications it delivers are the necessary platforms that will supportdevelopment of emerging technology‑based sectors of great economicpromise, for example, biotechnology and nanotechnology, as well as thecontinued competitiveness of traditional industries.

(5)        The intent of the e‑NC Authority is to continue andconclude the work of the North Carolina Rural Internet Access Authority, asspecified in G.S. 143B‑347.47. (2003‑425, s.1.)