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§ 143B‑453. Purposes of Authority.

Through the Authority hereinbefore created, the State of North Carolinamay engage in promoting, developing, constructing, equipping, maintaining andoperating the harbors and seaports within the State, or within the jurisdictionof the State, and works of internal improvements incident thereto, includingthe acquisition or construction, maintenance and operation at such seaports orharbors of watercraft and highways and bridges thereon or essential for theproper operation thereof. Said Authority is created as an instrumentality ofthe State of North Carolina for the accomplishment  of the following generalpurposes:

(1)        To develop and improve the harbors or seaports atWilmington, Morehead City and Southport, North Carolina, and such other places,including inland ports and facilities, as may be deemed feasible for a moreexpeditious and efficient handling of waterborne commerce from and to any placeor places in the State of North Carolina and other states and foreign countries.

(2)        To acquire, construct, equip, maintain, develop and improvethe port facilities at said ports and to improve such portions of the waterwaysthereat as are within the jurisdiction of the federal government.

(3)        To foster and stimulate the shipment of freight andcommerce  through said ports, whether originating within or without the Stateof North Carolina, including the investigation and handling of matterspertaining to all transportation rates and rate structures affecting the same.

(4)        To cooperate with the United States of America and anyagency, department, corporation or instrumentality thereof in the maintenance,development, improvement and use of said harbors and seaports in connectionwith and in furtherance of the war operations and needs of the United States.

(5)        To accept funds from any of said counties or cities whereinsaid ports are located and to use the same in such manner, within the purposesof said Authority, as shall be stipulated by the said county or city, and toact as agent or instrumentality, of any of said counties or cities in anymatter coming within the general purposes of said Authority.

(6)        To act as agent for the United States of America, or anyagency, department, corporation or instrumentality thereof, in any mattercoming within the purposes or powers of the Authority.

(7)        And in general to do and perform any act or function whichmay tend or be useful toward the development and improvement of harbors,seaports and inland ports of the State of North Carolina, and to increase themovement of waterborne commerce, foreign and domestic, to, through, and fromsuch harbors and ports.

The enumeration of the above purposes shall not limit or circumscribethe broad objective of developing to the utmost the port possibilities of theState of North Carolina. (1945, c. 1097, s. 2; 1953, c. 191, ss. 3, 4; 1977, c. 198, s. 9; 1979,c. 159, s. 2.)