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Part 2.  Crime Control Division.

§ 143B‑477.  Crime Control Division of theDepartment of Crime Control and Public Safety.

(a)        There is hereby established, within the Department of CrimeControl and Public Safety, the Crime Control Division, which shall be organizedand staffed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and within thelimits of authorized appropriations.

(b)        The Crime Control Division shall provide clerical andprofessional services required by the Governor's Crime Commission and shalladminister the State Law Enforcement Assistance Program and such additionalrelated programs as may be established by or assigned to the Commission. Itshall serve as the single State planning agency for purposes of the CrimeControl Act of 1976 (Public Laws 94‑503). Administrative responsibilitiesshall include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1)        Compiling data, establishing needs and setting prioritiesfor funding and policy recommendations for the Commission;

(2)        Preparing and revising statewide plans for adoption by theCommission which are designed to improve the administration of criminal justiceand to reduce crime in North Carolina;

(3)        Advising State and local interests of opportunities forsecuring federal assistance for crime reduction and for improving criminaljustice administration and planning within the State of North Carolina;

(4)        Stimulating and seeking financial support from federal,State, and local government and private sources for programs and projects whichimplement adopted criminal justice administration improvement and crimereduction plans;

(5)        Assisting State agencies and units of general localgovernment and combinations thereof in the preparation and processing ofapplications for financial aid to support improved criminal justiceadministration, planning and crime reduction;

(6)        Encouraging and assisting coordination at the federal,State, and local government levels in the preparation and implementation ofcriminal justice administration improvements and crime reduction plans;

(7)        Applying for, receiving, disbursing, and auditing the use offunds received for the program from any public and private agencies andinstrumentalities for criminal justice administration, planning, and crimereduction purposes;

(8)        Entering into, monitoring, and evaluating the results ofcontracts and agreements necessary or incidental to the discharge of itsassigned responsibilities;

(9)        Providing technical assistance to State and local law‑enforcementagencies in developing programs for improvement of the law‑enforcementand criminal justice system; and

(10)      Taking such other actions as may be deemed necessary orappropriate to carry out its assigned duties and responsibilities.

(c)        The Crime Control Division shall also provide professionaland clerical staff services to the adjunct committees of the Governor's CrimeCommission established in G.S. 143B‑480. (1977, c. 11, s. 4.)