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Part 5. Civil Air Patrol.

§ 143B‑490.  Civil Air Patrol Division – powersand duties.

(a)        There is hereby established, within the Department of CrimeControl and Public Safety, the Civil Air Patrol Division, which shall beorganized and staffed in accordance with this Part and within the limits ofauthorized appropriations.

(b)        The Civil Air Patrol Division shall:

(1)        Receive and supervise the expenditure of State fundsprovided by the General Assembly or otherwise secured by the State of NorthCarolina for the use and benefit of the North Carolina Wing‑Civil AirPatrol;

(2)        Supervise the maintenance and use of State providedfacilities and equipment by the North Carolina Wing‑Civil Air Patrol;

(3)        Receive, from State and local governments, their agencies, andprivate citizens, requests for State approval for assistance by the NorthCarolina Wing‑Civil Air Patrol in natural or man‑made disasters orother emergency situations. Such State requested and approved missions shall beapproved or denied by the Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety or hisdesignee under such rules, terms and conditions as are adopted by theDepartment. (1979, c. 516, s.1.)