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§ 143B‑499.8.  NorthCarolina Silver Alert System established.

(a)        There isestablished within the North Carolina Center for Missing Persons the SilverAlert System. The purpose of the Silver Alert System is to provide a statewidesystem for the rapid dissemination of information regarding a missing personwho is believed to be suffering from dementia or other cognitive impairment.

(b)        If the Centerreceives a report that involves a missing person who is believed to besuffering from dementia or other cognitive impairment, for the protection ofthe missing person from potential abuse or other physical harm, neglect, orexploitation, the Center shall issue an alert providing for rapid disseminationof information statewide regarding the missing person. The Center shall makeevery effort to disseminate the information as quickly as possible when theperson's status as missing has been reported to a law enforcement agency.

(c)        The Center shalladopt guidelines and develop procedures for issuing an alert for missingpersons believed to be suffering from dementia or other cognitive impairmentand shall provide education and training to encourage radio and televisionbroadcasters to participate in the alert. The guidelines and procedures shallensure that specific health information about the missing person is not madepublic through the alert or otherwise.

(d)        The Center shallconsult with the Department of Transportation and develop a procedure for theuse of overhead permanent changeable message signs to provide information onthe missing person meeting the criteria of this section when information isavailable that would enable motorists to assist in the recovery of the missingperson. The Center and the Department of Transportation shall developguidelines for the content, length, and frequency of any message to be placedon an overhead permanent changeable message sign.  (2007‑469, s. 5; 2008‑83,s. 1; 2009‑143, s. 1.)