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Part 7.  Law Enforcement SupportServices Division.

§ 143B‑508.  LawEnforcement Support Services Division established.

The Law Enforcement SupportServices Division is established within the Department of Crime Control andPublic Safety. The Division is authorized to perform the following functions:

(1)        Manage State, local,and federal programs that facilitate or enable the transfer of technology,goods, and services through programs for excess property, property acquisition,and equipment loans.

(2)        Provide centralstorage and management of evidence according to the provisions of Article 13 ofChapter 15A of the General Statutes and creation and maintenance of a data bankof statewide storage location of postconviction evidence or other similarprograms.

(3)        Provide centralstorage and management of rape kits according to the federal Violence AgainstWomen and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005 with specificprotections against release of names of victims providing anonymous or"Jane Doe" rape kits without victim consent.

(4)        Acquire, maintain,and control equipment to be loaned to law enforcement agencies for use inundercover investigations and to other agencies for other purposes.

(5)        Develop, test, andpromulgate innovative and technological solutions for the first respondercommunity.

(6)        Provide otherassistance as may be necessary or appropriate to carry out assigned duties andresponsibilities.  (2009‑81,s. 3.)