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§ 143B‑531. Authority for implementation.

In order to allow for effective implementation of a statewide regionalapproach to juvenile detention, the Department may:

(1)        Release or transfer a juvenile from one detention facilityto another when necessary to administer the juvenile's detention appropriately.

(2)        Plan with counties that operate county detention facilitiesto provide regional services and to upgrade physical facilities to contractwith counties for services and care, and to pay State subsidies to countiesproviding regional juvenile detention services that meet State standards.

(3)        Allow the State to reimburse law enforcement officers orother appropriate employees of local government for the costs of transportationof a juvenile to and from any juvenile detention facility.

(4)        Seek funding for juvenile detention services from federalsources, and accept gifts of funds from public or private sources. (1998‑202, ss. 1(b), 2(f); 1998‑217, s.57(3); 2000‑137, s. 1(b).)