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Part 4. Juvenile Court Services.

§ 143B‑535.  Duties andpowers of chief court counselors.

The chief court counselor ineach district appointed under G.S. 143B‑516(b)(15) may:

(1)        Appoint juvenilecourt counselors, secretaries, and other personnel authorized by the Departmentin accordance with the personnel policies adopted by the Department.

(2)        Supervise and directthe program of juvenile intake, protective supervision, probation, and post‑releasesupervision within the district.

(3)        Provide in‑servicetraining for staff as required by the Department.

(4)        Keep any records andmake any reports requested by the Secretary in order to provide statewide dataand information about juvenile needs and services.

(5)        Delegate to ajuvenile court counselor or supervisor the authority to carry out specifiedresponsibilities of the chief court counselor to facilitate the effectiveoperation of the district.

(6)        Designate a juvenilecourt counselor in the district as acting chief court counselor, to act duringthe absence or disability of the chief court counselor.  (1998‑202, ss. 1(b),2(f); 1998‑217, s. 57(3); 2000‑137, s. 1(b); 2009‑320, s. 1.)