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§ 143B‑544.  Creation; method of appointment;membership; chair and vice‑chair.

(a)        As a prerequisite for a county receiving funding forjuvenile court services and delinquency prevention programs, the board ofcommissioners of a county shall appoint a Juvenile Crime Prevention Council.Each County Council is a continuation of the corresponding Council createdunder G.S. 147‑33.61. The County Council shall consist of not more than26 members and should include, if possible, the following:

(1)        The local school superintendent, or that person's designee;

(2)        A chief of police in the county;

(3)        The local sheriff, or that person's designee;

(4)        The district attorney, or that person's designee;

(5)        The chief court counselor, or that person's designee;

(6)        The director of the area mental health, developmentaldisabilities, and substance abuse authority, or that person's designee;

(7)        The director of the county department of social services, orconsolidated human services agency, or that person's designee;

(8)        The county manager, or that person's designee;

(9)        A substance abuse professional;

(10)      A member of the faith community;

(11)      A county commissioner;

(12)      Two persons under the age of 18 years, one of whom is amember of the State Youth Council;

(13)      A juvenile defense attorney;

(14)      The chief district court judge, or a judge designated by thechief district court judge;

(15)      A member of the business community;

(16)      The local health director, or that person's designee;

(17)      A representative from the United Way or other nonprofitagency;

(18)      A representative of a local parks and recreation program; and

(19)      Up to seven members of the public to be appointed by theboard of commissioners of a county.

The board of commissioners of a county shall modify the County Council'smembership as necessary to ensure that the members reflect the racial andsocioeconomic diversity of the community and to minimize potential conflicts ofinterest by members.

(b)        Two or more counties may establish a multicounty JuvenileCrime Prevention Council under subsection (a) of this section. The membershipshall be representative of each participating county.

(c)        The members of the County Council shall elect annually thechair and vice‑chair. (1998‑202, s.1(b); 2000‑137, s. 1(b); 2001‑199, s. 1.)