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§ 143B‑549.  Powers andduties.

(a)        Each County Councilshall review annually the needs of juveniles in the county who are at risk ofdelinquency or who have been adjudicated undisciplined or delinquent and theresources available to address those needs. In particular, each County Councilshall assess the needs of juveniles in the county who are at risk or who havebeen associated with gangs or gang activity, and the local resources that areestablished to address those needs. The Council shall develop and advertise arequest for proposal process and submit a written plan of action for theexpenditure of juvenile sanction and prevention funds to the board of countycommissioners for its approval. Upon the county's authorization, the plan shallbe submitted to the Department for final approval and subsequentimplementation.

(b)        Each County Councilshall ensure that appropriate intermediate dispositional options are availableand shall prioritize funding for dispositions of intermediate and community‑levelsanctions for court‑adjudicated juveniles under minimum standards adoptedby the Department.

(c)        On an ongoingbasis, each County Council shall:

(1)        Assess the needs ofjuveniles in the community, evaluate the adequacy of resources available tomeet those needs, and develop or propose ways to address unmet needs.

(2)        Evaluate theperformance of juvenile services and programs in the community. The Councilshall evaluate each funded program as a condition of continued funding.

(3)        Increase publicawareness of the causes of delinquency and of strategies to reduce the problem.

(4)        Develop strategiesto intervene and appropriately respond to and treat the needs of juveniles atrisk of delinquency through appropriate risk assessment instruments.

(5)        Provide funds for servicesfor treatment, counseling, or rehabilitation for juveniles and their families.These services may include court‑ordered parenting responsibilityclasses.

(6)        Plan for theestablishment of a permanent funding stream for delinquency prevention services.

(7)        Develop strategiesto intervene and appropriately respond to the needs of juveniles who have beenassociated with gang activity or who are at risk of becoming associated withgang activity.

(d)        The Councils mayexamine the benefits of joint program development between counties within thesame judicial district.  (1998‑202, s. 1(b); 2000‑137, s. 1(b); 2008‑56, s.3.)