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Part 10. Executive Mansion Fine Arts Committee.

§ 143B‑79.  Executive Mansion Fine ArtsCommittee – creation, powers and duties.

There is hereby created the Executive Mansion Fine Arts Committee. TheExecutive Mansion Fine Arts Committee shall have the following functions andduties:

(1)        To advise the Secretary of Cultural Resources on thepreservation and maintenance of the Executive Mansion located at 200 NorthBlount Street, Raleigh, North Carolina;

(2)        To encourage gifts and objects of art, furniture andarticles of historical value for furnishing the Executive Mansion, and advisethe Secretary of Cultural Resources on major changes in the furnishings of theMansion;

(3)        To make recommendations to the Secretary of CulturalResources concerning major renovations necessary to preserve and maintain thestructure;

(4)        To aid the Secretary of Cultural Resources in keeping acomplete list of all gifts and articles received together with their historyand value;

(5)        No gifts or articles shall be accepted for the ExecutiveMansion without the approval of the Committee; and

(6)        The Committee shall advise the Secretary of CulturalResources upon any matter the Secretary may refer to it.

(7)        The Committee may dispose of property held in the ExecutiveMansion after consultation with a review committee comprised of one person fromthe Executive Mansion Fine Arts Committee, appointed by its chairman; oneperson from the Department of Administration appointed by the Secretary ofAdministration; and two qualified professionals from the Department of CulturalResources, Division of Archives and History, appointed by the Secretary ofCultural Resources.  Upon request of the Executive Mansion Fine Arts Committee,the review committee will view proposed items for disposition and make arecommendation to the North Carolina Historical Commission who will make afinal decision.  The Historical Commission must consider whether thedisposition is in the best interest of the State of North Carolina.  If suchproperty is sold, (i) if the records with regard to the property reflect thatit was acquired by the State by gift or devise the net proceeds of each suchsale shall be deposited in the State Treasury to the credit of the ExecutiveMansion, Special Fund, and shall be used only for the purchase, conservation,restoration or repair of other property for use in the Executive Mansion and;(ii) if the records with regard to the property reflect that the property wasacquired by the State by purchase with appropriated funds or do not show themanner of acquisition, the net proceeds of such sale shall be deposited in theGeneral Fund. (1973, c. 476, s.65; 1983, c. 632, s. 1; 1987, c. 251.)