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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 143B‑9. Appointment of officers and employees.

The head of each principal State department, except those departmentsheaded by popularly elected officers, shall be appointed by the Governor andserve at his pleasure.

The salary of the head of each of the principal State departments andof elected officials shall be as provided by law.

The head of a principal State department shall appoint a chief deputyor chief assistant, and such chief deputy or chief assistant shall not besubject to the State Personnel Act. The salary of such chief deputy or chiefassistant shall, upon the recommendation of the  Governor, be set by theGeneral Assembly. Unless otherwise provided for in the Executive OrganizationAct of 1973, and subject to the provisions of the Personnel Act, the head ofeach principal State department shall designate the administrative head of eachtransferred agency and all employees of each division, section, or other unitof the principal State department. (1973, c. 476, s. 9; 1977, c. 802, s. 42.20; 1983, c. 717, s. 51.)