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Part 20. Historic Bath Commission.

§ 143B‑99.  Historic Bath Commission – creation,powers and duties.

There is hereby created the Historic Bath Commission. The Historic BathCommission shall have the following powers:

(1)        To acquire and dispose of title to or interests in historicproperties in and near the Town of Bath in Beaufort County, and to repair,restore, or otherwise improve such properties, and to maintain them;

(2)        To offer such historic properties to the State of NorthCarolina, subject to the acceptance of such properties by the State;

(3)        To cooperate with, assist, and advise the Secretary ofCultural Resources upon any matter pertaining to the administration of BathState Historic Site, which the Secretary of the Department may refer to it; and

(4)        To carry out other programs reasonably related to thesepurposes. (1973, c. 476, s.95.)