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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 148‑130.  CorrectionEnterprises Fund.

(a)        All revenues fromthe sale of articles and commodities manufactured or produced by CorrectionEnterprises shall be deposited with the State Treasurer to be kept andmaintained as a special revolving working‑capital fund designated"Correction Enterprises Fund."

(b)        Revenue in theCorrection Enterprises Fund shall be applied first to capital and operatingexpenditures, including salaries and wages of personnel necessary to developand operate Correction Enterprises and incentive wages for inmates employed byCorrection Enterprises or participating in work assignments established by theDivision of Prisons. Of the remaining revenue in the Fund, five percent (5%) ofthe net proceeds, before expansion costs, shall be credited to the CrimeVictims Compensation Fund established in G.S. 15B‑23 as soon aspracticable after net proceeds have been determined for the previous year. Atthe direction of the Governor, the remainder shall be used for other purposeswithin the State prison system or shall be transferred to the General Fund.

(c)        The CorrectionEnterprises Fund shall be the source of all incentive wages and allowances paidto inmates employed by Correction Enterprises and inmates participating in workassignments established by the Division of Prisons. (2007‑280, s. 1.)