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§ 148‑132.  Distributionof products and services.

The Division of CorrectionEnterprises is empowered and authorized to market and sell products andservices produced by Correction Enterprises to any of the following entities:

(1)        Any public agency orinstitution owned, managed, or controlled by the State.

(2)        Any county, city, ortown in this State.

(3)        Any federal, state,or local public agency or institution in any other state of the union.

(4)        An entity ororganization that has tax‑exempt status pursuant to section 501(c)(3) ofthe Internal Revenue Code and also receives local, state, or federal grantfunding.

(5)        (Effective untilJuly 1, 2012) Any current employee or retiree of the State of NorthCarolina or of a unit of local government of this State, verified through State‑issuedidentification, or through proof of retirement status, but purchases by a Stateor local governmental employee or retiree may not exceed two thousand fivehundred dollars ($2,500) during any calendar year. Products purchased by Stateand local governmental employees and retirees under this section may not beresold.

(5)        (Effective July1, 2012) or retiree or of a unit of local government of this State, orthrough proof of retirement status by a State or local governmental employee orretiree

Productspurchased by State and local governmental employees and retirees under thissection may not be resold.  (2007‑280, s. 1; 2009‑451, s. 19.16.)