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§ 148‑22.1.  Educationalfacilities and programs for selected inmates.

(a)        The StateDepartment of Correction is authorized to take advantage of aid available fromany source in establishing facilities and developing programs to provideinmates of the State prison system with such academic and vocational andtechnical education as seems most likely to facilitate the rehabilitation ofthese inmates and their return to free society with attitudes, knowledge, andskills that will improve their prospects of becoming law‑abiding and self‑supportingcitizens. The State Department of Public Instruction is authorized to cooperatewith the State Department of Correction in planning academic and vocational andtechnical education of prison system inmates, but the State Department ofPublic Instruction is not authorized to expend any funds in this connection.

(b)        In expending fundsthat may be made available for facilities and programs to provide inmates ofthe State prison system with academic and vocational and technical education,the State Department of Correction shall give priority to meeting the needs ofinmates who are less than 21 years of age when received in the prison systemwith a sentence or sentences under which they will be held for not less thansix months nor more than five years before becoming eligible to be consideredfor a parole or unconditional release. These inmates shall be given appropriatetests to determine their educational needs and aptitudes. When the necessaryarrangements can be made, they shall receive such instruction as may be deemedpractical and advisable for them.

(c)        The Secretary ofCorrection, in consultation with the Office of State Personnel, shall set thesalary supplement paid to teachers, instructional support personnel, and school‑basedadministrators who are Division of Prison employees and are licensed by theState Board of Education. The salary supplement shall be at least five percent(5%), but not more than the percentage supplement they would receive if theywere employed in the local school administrative unit where the job site islocated. These salary supplements shall not be paid to central office staff.Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to include "merit pay"under the term "salary supplement". (1959, c. 431; 1967, c. 996, s. 13; 1985, c. 226, s.1; 1993, c. 180, s. 8; 2005‑276, s. 29.19(c).)