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State Codes and Statutes

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Record and Disposition ofSeized, etc., Articles.

§ 15‑11.  Sheriffs andpolice departments to maintain register of personal property confiscated,seized or found.

Each sheriff and policedepartment in this State is hereby  required to keep and maintain a book orregister, and it shall be the  duty of each sheriff and police department tokeep a record therein of all articles of personal property which may be seizedor confiscated by him or it, or of which he or it may have become possessed in anyway in the discharge of his duty. Said sheriffs and police departments shallcause to be kept in said registers a description of such property, the name ofthe person from whom it was seized, if such name be known, the date and placeof its seizure, and, where the article was not taken from the person of asuspect or prisoner, a brief recital of the place and circumstances concerningthe possession thereof by such sheriff and police department. Such sheriff andpolice department shall also keep in said register appropriate entries showingthe manner, date, and to whom said articles are disposed of or delivered, and,if sold as hereinafter provided, a record showing the disposition of theproceeds arising from such sale. (1939, c. 195, s. 1; 1973, c.1141, s. 3.)